Control Systems

Lightware 16x16 HDMI 2.0 4K Matrix


The Lightware 16x16 HDMI 2.0 4K Matrix is a HDMI 2.0 compatible, standalone matrix switcher that supports uncompromised 4K UHD resolution at 60Hz 4:4:4. This device has an R type designation signifying a dual redundant power source with two, independent, rugged power connectors and reinforced RS-232 and Ethernet ports. These matrix switchers support both HDR and Dolby Vision in the HDMI signal.

Technical Stats

Video Inputs
- 16x HDMI 2.0

Video Outputs
- 16x HDMI 2.0

- Up to 4096x2160@60Hz at RGB 4:4:4

- PLL reclocking on each output