Control Systems

Green Hippo Karst


Featuring a total of 2+1 outputs, as well as two ZooKeeper monitor outputs, this highly specified server can drive the most demanding shows with ease. At only 2 rack units high, the Hippotizer Karst can deliver 2 outputs in a very small space, while the third DisplayPort 1.2 connection offers the ability to drive 4K displays with a single cable. The Hippo V4 range is perfect for timecoded shows, using either internal programming or external desk control. These machines work expectionally well with MA-NET making it by far the favourite within the TV/film/touring industries.

Along with all the great features of V4, the plus (+) range comes as standard with 10 free Notch FX’s, allowing you to bring another new creative aspect to your show.

Technical Stats

Maximum Resolution
- 4096px X 2160px

Output options
- 2 x 4K (Can be split into 8 HD's)

Maximum Mixes
- 12

Maximum Layers Per Mix
- 16

Media Drive Size
- 1TB